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Full Version: bleary eyed producers say BOH!
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just spent 10hrs working on two tracks. both are in the final stretch. mr. neil/juju was kind enough to teach me some nice techniques to mix down breaks and bass, so i've really tried to put forth a solid effort on these two.

tho, my point of contention is that my eyes! they hurt sooo bad from staring at logic on my monitor... i have an apple 17" flat panel, with 21" aspect ratio...

anyone out here have solutions for the eyeballs hurting like hell, and not being able to focus on anything?

i know to take breaks, but c'mon, when your on a roll...... you go....

i wear glasses and contacts *gass permeable*. i try to wear my contacts for 8hrs a day, and my glasses at night and morning. i do use rewetting drops, but since my contacts are gass permeable, i'm not sure if i can use visine at all.

hints from my fellow bredren?
get a projector Lol
wow, two tracks! -that's an armload, there's no real solution other than to give the old eyeballs a rest and get some shuteye, always works for me!

...and with juju in ther with you, sounds like it's going to be good!
Get a glare protector... still, you'll probably find your eyes hurting after ten hours of goggling at a screen whatever you do! Hahaha
looking like this? Icon_eek Icon_eek

the only remedy is sleeping man...get some rest, dream about beats, bass, pads, etc.. and get up with new cool ideas!
mt eyesight has degraded considerably since I started producing about, shit, 6 years ago. Icon_eek my eyesight now is still reasonable and i have had to have glasses and contacts of which i either crushed or lost, so i just leave my eyes unaided and take breaks for the computer screen.
Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings, but I'm fairly sure I read somewhere the only proper solution is to take breaks.

Bummer I know, cos I know what you mean about being on a roll.

yeh, sleep is the only real answer....

i think i will also not wear my contacts too much when im on the monitor. i think my eye's were pretty sore from them on top of just being so zoned...

ez all!
hakthedj Wrote:ez all!


and keep up the good work. i heard some of your stuff at blue's, keep it up!

hak, get some yellow glasses, they do allow you to take it a bit longer, but my eyes tire after a few hours too mate, just get out of that space

taking smaller, more often, breaks in between are good too
apparently just looking out of a window at something further away fro a minute or two is supposed to ease the strain on your eyes loads and let you work longer. so you could position your monitor near a window so you can look out when you're auditioning stuff.

my and optimist??!! (wtf are the eye people called? i know they are ertenally looking on the bright side of life but it's something similar) had a big discussion about this, because i said it was quite simple that i wasn't going to be looking at a monitor any less, despite his recommendations.