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Full Version: cube - paranoia
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my new track

its 256kbps 15mb, so sorry for you 56kers...

its my attempt at drumfunk
sound okay to me, but that could just be me

feedback appreciated Smile

downloading Wave
cannot download - the connection with the server was reset

Hyper umm!, try again i guess..
it stopped again around 80% through Icon_sad
gotcha Xyxthumbs
well, sounds nice to me, just the drums may be a bit to fat (loving their sound, snares esp., though)

i think there might have beensome other / additional sound beenused in the tune... esp. in the second half it strts sounding like just one part of a whole tune...

anyways, keep it up.
thanks man Xyxthumbs
i'll try a few different arrangements
any if anyone would like to attempt a remix, just pm me
downloading now.. have to run to work though so i will check it later.
ack, it just randomly cancelled out on me..
Senator Adam Wrote:ack, it just randomly cancelled out on me..

yeah it took me three goes to get it Grumble
Oops Icon_cry

anyone like to show me a better host?
finally gotten round to listening to it Oops

drumfunk eh Smile
well the drums are potentially funky Xyxthumbs but they need work

i'd take out the strings
in fact i'd take everything out but the drums
because if the drums don't carry it there's no point in the rest
put things back in slowly when the drums are tight

i gave up on it Grin

ps. whats up with this gravedigging statts?
cube Wrote:i gave up on it Grin

right so Wink
cube Wrote:ps. whats up with this gravedigging statts?

my listening procedure...

copy to zip disk
transfer to other computer
burn to CD

it takes me ages to complete it Oops
Icon_yippee Xyxthumbs