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Full Version: there anyone on here geeky enough....
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....and with access to music software that could sketch out a tune idea i have with only text based instruction from me in the form of board posts?

i have a good idea for a song and i don't want to forget it. i have no access to music software. i won't be home for 9 hours.

HELP! Neutral
Of course if it is that good I may just nick it Grin
Macc Wrote:Of course if it is that good I may just nick it Grin

Essex boys [Image: rolleyes_teeth.gif]
[Image: chris_jackson2.jpg]
^^^^ what sort of a cunt has a ponytail in this day & age Roll
Matt Wrote:^^^^ what sort of a cunt has a ponytail in this day & age Roll

A proper twat, obviously Hahaha
Good times for sure Hahaha
ok, i figured it'd be you! heheh Wink

this is for a live band to play. it's not all synthed out jungle rave vibe....but it will be roughly at a jungle tempo (approx. 164).

the instrumentation is drums, electric bass, tenor sax, trumpet, guitar, and perc.

you can just make a sound that sort of, in some way, could possibly resemble those instruments in attack and very general tone, but don't sweat that at all for now.....just some sounds geared up that will do for now.

intro and A section :

opens with a quasi-dancehall drum beat.

semi-open hat sound on 1,2,3,4 with some (very little) ornamentation of closed hats on some of the ups....use variation and discretion.

kick on 1 and "and" of 2. (duh!)

BIG crackin' snare on the 4 of every bar.

get that basic beat up and running, and i'll start another post for the intro bass and guitar.
Fuck yis all Roll
Beat - using LM7 cos it has drums + is nice and easy.

And shit.
key centre is F#min.

so, the bass is kinda simple in the intro, but it's a classic sound.....the horns will make the "modern" contrast.

F# on the 1, and "and" of 2. (tandem with kicks)

up a 5th to C# on the 4. (tandem with snare)

dubby sub tone/texture. warm, resonant, deep.

guitar :

for now, i'll just have a droning chord in the background to ascertain the tonality of the can just have a rhodes or even a more "organic" synth sound dialed up for this if you want.....not much detail needed....a fairly good attack on the front end though.

it's an F#sus(b9) chord. Icon_eek

it's easy, i'll give you the individual notes to stack :

the bass is already playing the root (F#), so we'll omit that from the chord voicing.

stack up a :

G (that's the b9), then above that,

B (the sus4), then above that

C#. (the 5th)

so those notes should go from lowest to highest pitch.

you with me? questions?
i wish :

a) i had the ability to even listen to it as you make it. i guess the rest of you can tell me if it sounds remotely decent

b) the file wasn't named "dodz shite" Hahaha
Just doing the midi for now, will sort the sounds in a tick. BTW I go home in 35 minutes Lol
Can you hear what I am doing or not? Baffled

Got the bass btw.
..... used a rhodes Grin , and albino for the bass.
Probably sounds nothing like what you have in your head Hahaha

You best hurry up, going in 20 mins.........
dodz in conducting a tune live while macc digs for the samples shocker Lovesmilie
Using LM7 is hardly digging for samples Lol
shhhh Roll this isn't the studio walls , they won't know that Teef
Macc Wrote:Using LM7 is hardly digging for samples Lol

lol the lm sound wicked through the uad (seriously)
Macc Wrote:Can you hear what I am doing or not? Baffled

Got the bass btw.

no, but i can hear it in my head and that's all that counts. the tragic part is if you can't remember a tune idea, and it might have been a good one.

k, the horns play the "A section" over the intro vamp.

here's how i'll comunicate rhythms :

i'll use the numbers themselves for all downbeats.

the "and" is the up beat of an 8th note division

i count 16ths like "1 - e - and - a, 2 - e - and - a" you with that?

so i might say "have the trumpet play a C on the "a" of 3." <---all good?

trumpet : (8 bar phrase)

E on the "and of 1"

E on the "and of 2"

F# on the "3"

F# on the "4"

B on the "and of 4"
B on the "and of 1"

C# on the "2"

C# on the "3"


C# on the "and of 2"

B on the "and of 3"

A on the "4"

B on the "and of 4"


C# on the "2"

E on the "and of 2"

C# on the "3"


that's the first 4 bar phrase for trumpet. i'll edit it to include (s) staccato, and (L) legato markings.

this is fun! this space! (for the next 4 bars of trumpet) heh.
this is hilarious..

it reminds me of when i used to have a notebook..and draw out beats with chord progressions on top..haha


i assume you've left maccers?

bah....oh well, i'll try and BURN it into my memory.

i didn't even get to the "B" section, which was the important bit.....
Type it out anyway Dodz!