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Full Version: yo yo yes yes
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dis be me, back from 'nam once again

how yis all been?
me been super busy touring lately. hooked up with south manz RP in bulgaria. what a riot Lol Lol

we ended up meeting aphrodite and dj ron at a bowling alley, then mc-ing for them at a rave out in the sticks. some fierce bulgarian goat culture over there let me tell you... RP was rhyming with eagles threatening his chat... but we held it together tight.

chek it.
I have been pretty good. Still stuck here at HQ in San Francisco as they are doing some last minute retrofits to the Enterprise. Went out with Captain Kirk last night to a nice sushi bar where we had the chance to eat of a man's hard body. It was quite nice and I ended drinking way to much saki.
how is beverly doing mister picard ?:P
Would you ever Feck off...hairy japanese bastards!
ribby back on board Falcon
Drop some rhymes on us Ribby! Grin