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Full Version: International Star of the Year!
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[Image: story.hasselhoff.ap.jpg]

I'd just like to thank all my fans, especially the Subverts, who've shown me love over the last few months. I love you guys. Without you, I'd be nothing. But now look at me... International star of the year courtesy of the Bollywood awards right hear in the heart of New Jersey. Thank you all.

Now I just need those damn Germans to realise what I did for them all those years ago.

Oh yeah, and thanks to my sponsors at Speedos. Keeping me looking sexy all these years.

Right, time to go celebrate in the jacuzzi with Pammy...
WTF Icon_eek

What have you got to do with Bollywood ffs?

I thought they were against speedos over there... Baffled
Apparently he won it because Baywatch and Knightrider are massive over in India.
^^ Hahaha Hahaha Hahaha
Hahaha Hahaha
Fuck me, I must have been drunk after the award ceremony... I seem to have filmed a porno with puppies... Oops

[Image: hasselhoff.jpg]

not sure how that's going to go down with my bollywood pals. Speedos will be happy though, there's a long scene in which I peel off the latest Speedos slowly but surely.
FFS Hahaha
I know, that "FFS" sound and my climax gurn are sure to go down well with my German audience.