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Full Version: The Classical British Tractors in Turkey
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This was in the IMO inbox today... Thought it was junk, but according to the bottom, it isn't. Hahaha Check this out, this can't be for real (check out the attachments! Hahaha )

Huseyin Ciloglu Wrote:Dear Authority
I am Huseyin Ciloglu, I was born in January 1965. I
live in Ankara the capitol city of Turkey.
Since 1999, I have been taking pictures of the early
tractors which have been brought from UK, and I am
making a photo archive. During my research, I observed
that these early tractors are mostly in original
condition, and still operational. I can say that they
are classic, yet high quality machines.
Today in Turkish agriculture, modern tractors are
used, but the classical tractors such as Fordson,
Massey Harris, Ferguson, etc. are well preserved and
used in light duty jobs. I noticed that they are loved
very much by their owners.
I am the only person in Turkey who made such a big
archive, and I am the only one who holds the negatives
of the pictures. Soon, I am going to make a thesis
about them. I love them so deeply, I want to collect
them in a museum one day.
I used kodak gold 200 films and kodak royal papers for
pictures. I made an excellent collection of 2200
photos. As you will see in the sample photos, they
contain only tractors and nature.
Eight agricultural universities use my archive in
their tractor related classes. I am happy to keep the
legacy of these tractors alive. I am preparing a
project to take more tractor pictures nationwide and
extend my archive to the other agricultural
To finish my project, funding sponsor. I would like to
have the addresses of the tractor factories and the
tractor galleries to share information. I believe
that this project will be good advertisement of your
country. I need your support and any consideration
given to this matter will be appreciated greatly. I am
looking forward to hearing from you as soon as
Most of the tractors in my archive came from British.
I need the support of United Kingdom IMO at least at
reference level in order for me to accomplish my

Yours Sincerely
Huseyin Ciloglu
thats a friend 4 life there... Grin
"I am the only person in Turkey who made such a big

Maybe even the world... Hahaha What a spanner!
markgabba Wrote:What a spanner!

Hahaha Hahaha Hahaha
Eight agricultural universities use my archive in
their tractor related classes.

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He's chasing the dream, can't bag him Grin
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[Image: B00020Q3HW.01-A1V1Z4BJNVFJUK._SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpg]

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