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Full Version: Tracktion 2
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Anyone had any experience with the 1st one? By Mackie and very simplistic to use.

Got v2 ready to roll and I quite like the look of it. Anything simple and snazzy you know Wink
not used it, but know about it, and i like the concept Yes

heard positive things about it from peeps who have used it, too Smile
Macc Approval Shocker Teef

It's a very nice concept. I'm initially going to use it for Rewiring so I can use some nice VSTs along with some EQ packages I've got rather than Reasons limited EQ. Hopefully should get things sounding nicer in the mixdown.

I like the idea of the package being nice and simple, it's got a tidy user interface and seems very capable. Haven't quite 'clicked' with Cubase yet, not to mention some funny noises coming from it when Rewiring so I'm holding out high hopes for Tracktion.

Hopefully the demo will give me a nice idea of the proggy.
You get it with those monitors?
Just the demo matey. Mackie gave away v1 for a while on the site plus my bro is interested in it so we may go halves on it being so cheap.

Monitors come with nothing bar a nice rattle in one of them Teef
Take em back!
Yeah the one is going to be dealt with, just can't be dealing with being without them!! Lol
i looked at it. couldnt get on with the interface. felt horrible to me - truly horrible !!

But thats what many advocates love about it. go figure....
I used it (the free version not the demo) to make [my track] Phoenix Spectre towards the beginning of this year. I really liked the interface (for the most part), but the thing was horrible on midi timing. It would just throw in extra hits in a random fashion during playback. I have no idea what was going on, but it didn't seem to be related to my configuration.

The audio clip sequencing on the other hand seemed pretty stable, and was much better control-wise than what I've got in Cubase. I'm still not sure the audio engine itself is as good as the one in Cubase, but it may have just been a problem with the sounds I loaded into it (i.e. I went waaaaay overboard on distortion).

At the time I was trying to decide whether to use Tracktion or upgrade to a real version of Cubase from Cubasis, and I eventually decided to just upgrade Cubase. I think even with the miserable clunkiness and incessant crashing of Cubase, it's still better than Tracktion in terms of playback stability and overall sound quality (and quality of built-in effects).

It would have really been nice if Tracktion were better overall, 'cause there were a lot of things I really liked about it (and V1 wasn't solid enough to spend the time/money to evaluate V.2).
Downloaded Tracktion 5 a few days ago (it's free) and am playing around with it, so far it's actually quite handy  Smile