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Full Version: Unsane. Chicken Shop Spotter?
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i've seen your portfolio in the Macc + Fanu's love nest thread. Very nice work. Is this something you do on your own, or is there an anorak clad gang of you? all searching that elusive fried chicken outlet?
I saw 10 planet chickens on my way to work - do I get a badge?
This is my fave.

[Image: shop.jpg]
Do they serve Goat there as well ?
Unsane Applause
Unsane Wrote:This is my fave.

[Image: shop.jpg]

What do they sell?
I'd love to eat there, look at the quality.
Hahaha Cowboy hat.

[Image: western_2.jpg]
Unsane Wrote:Hahaha Cowboy hat.

Gold Hahaha
Unsane, take the train from Liverpool Street to Ilford. Get off, out of the station and turn right. Keep going past Sainsbury's and you'll find yourself on Ilford Lane - mecca for fried chicken enthusiasts.

Once, I bothered to count the number of chicken and fast food establishments (the bus goes well slow along there). There were 22 fast food outlets, 12 of which were fried chicken joints. Bear in mind that this road is only about a mile and a half long. Icon_eek
This one made me laugh a while ago on DOA -

[Image: maxy.jpg]

Check out the chicken! Eek It's like some giger-esque fusion of man and machine!!!
And the pidgeon in the top left corner. Looking down on the train-driver chixen, almost as if they're discussing the weather. It's just brilliant.
Rofl Loris