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Full Version: ico - silent waves
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hi all

this is my first _properly_ finished stuff, i wanna hear your thoughts about it!

heres the link:
hello there Wave
howdy! Smile

any comments?
techmospheric Smile
yeah its sort of that..little neurofunk little techstep

more comments pls! Cool
very nice man, love the vibe an feeling of the tune, nice one
thanx mate!

more tunes are on the way ... i hope u'll like them too!

you know my name, and you know my thoughts Wink

nice one my old pal Cool
Sounds interesting! Nice and slow, just how I like it! Proper deep and spaced out at the same time; can see this working at your typical drum n bass rave, to be honest, perfect balance between chilled and hard.
bhima Wrote:to be honest, perfect balance between chilled and hard.

that was the main idea to create that balance!im glad u feel that!

ez :thumbsup: