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Full Version: SC Vol.3 price options
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i'll pay whatever it costs to get this shipped to my door. great variety of music, stunning release. i guess that's what sc is all about.

Macc Wrote:
k:smet Wrote:I'll pay it with a Grin

Money would be better Teef


"the smiley up one half a point against the Euro in world currency markets today" etc
did any UK crew vote £16 worldwide? Smile
statto Wrote:did any uk crew vote £16 worldwide? Smile

i voted other. i think you should just do it for the love. :P
I am doing it for the love :P
heh i kno m8. u shud stop doin' it for the love tho. rip the artists off instead and they can do it for the love. Lol
that's not what this kind of neo-community-communism is all about
confirmed tracklisting:

atomhead - cyclotron (4.49) / betatron (5.04) / psytron (4.38 )
fanu - children (6.22) / this behavior is not unique (6.23)
formication - catastrophe in blue (23.58 )
macc - mean streets (7.33) / mr mitcheson's rhythm method (4.41)
nubian mindz - pure (4.11) / seven (5.47) / sound mission (4.14)
dj trax - this one (6.41) / the tribe (3.51) / throwback (2.42)

total time: 90.54

though i've not decided on the running order yet

Hyper can`t wait for this to materialize Falcon
Statto Wrote:Atomhead - Cyclotron (4.49) / Betatron (5.04) / Psytron (4.38 )
Fanu - Children (6.22) / This Behavior is Not Unique (6.23)
Formication - Catastrophe in Blue (23.58 )
Macc - Mean Streets (7.33) / Mr Mitcheson's Rhythm Method (4.41)
Nubian Mindz - Pure (4.11) / Seven (5.47) / Sound Mission (4.14)
DJ Trax - This One (6.41) / The Tribe (3.51) / Throwback (2.42)

Homerdrool Kingstatto

Statto Wrote:though I've not decided on the running order yet

go for the alphabetical order Cool
cram Wrote:go for the alphabetical order Cool

at the moment it's looking like this:

SC007: DJ Trax / Atomhead
SC008: Macc / Formication
SC009: Nubian Mindz / Fanu

do a casette release, 45 mins a side.
selektorbwoy Wrote:do a casette release, 45 mins a side.

casettes are the future, get with the times, no one listens to vinyl anymore!
bring back 8 track Lol


you should be able to choose how much you pay like the Radiohead album.
ya dibbler
new year for this now

[Image: fauxpas.gif]
release it on these [Image: hamp5.jpg]
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