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Rinsin out some old hard house Oops
High Contrast - Return Of Forever (Hospital, 2002)

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Masterklass #3: Meat Beat Manifesto by BunZer0

..BunZer0: "In the second half of the eighties electronic sounds were more and more present in the underground music. When I was checking a video tape released by PIAS dedicated to Electronic Body Music I discovered the tune "Strapped Down" by Meat Beat Manifesto. It blew me away and since that day my love for Jack Dangers' work never faded away. So here is a tribute mix covering MBM's music from 1988 till today, including some stuff from his collaborative sideproject called Tino."

1. Meat Beat Manifesto - I Got The Fear Without Jack
2. Meat Beat Manifesto - Cutman
3. Meat Beat Manifesto - God O.D.
4. Meat Beat Manifesto - Strap Down
5. Meat Beat Manifesto - Dog Star Man
6. Meat Beat Manifesto - Radio Babylon
7. Meat Beat Manifesto - Psyche OUT vERSION 1
8. Meat Beat Manifesto - Retrograde pt2 We R 1
9. Meat Beat Manifesto - Edge Of No Control pt1
10. Meat Beat Manifesto - Nuclear Bomb
11. Tino - Hey Drummer U Want Some ?
12. Tino - Sunday Dub
13. Tino - Kick Exercise
14. Tino - Kickit Dub
15. Meat Beat Manifesto - It's The Music
16. Meat Beat Manifesto - Prime Audio Soup
17. Meat Beat Manifesto - Fragments
18. Meat Beat Manifesto - Hello Teenage America
19. Meat Beat Manifesto - Radio Babylon Space Children Intro Mix
20. Meat Beat Manifesto - Spanish Vocoder
21. Meat Beat Manifesto - Zombie
22. Meat Beat Manifesto - My Son The DJ The Forger
diggin the Jack Dangers, Ben Stokes "The Forger" collabs as well.

gary numan
Stranjah - Abstractions Mix 35

I've been listening to Moving Mountains lots lately. I had their first lp from a few years ago, listened to it for a bit, then forgot i had it in my files. I always thought of early Moving Mountains was more folky atmospheric indie stuff. apparently they've been bringing the "rock" as well. some say with more post-rock elements,post-hardcore, even screamo etc. it all fits within the discography so far.

its hard to listen to this stuff casually @ home tho, its hella melodramatic, bad emo inflections abound lol. sappy as fuck sometimes, maybe even a bit over conceptualized in places. there's even sombre songs with violins. whiny passages galore. i'd hate to read the lyrics & laugh at the cheesiness. BUT collectively, full discography on shuffle, on the head phones @ work, its nice work music. Smile

Moving Mountains have a new self titled lp out. its a pretty collection of songs. it reminds me of The Sea & Cake in places. it works. its all played very well.

start crying you desolate fucks. Sad2 its raining outside, and all that matters is you. cool?

i like this song off the new lp too.

the album is great.

absolutely brilliant all the way through
^^ feelin it.

been listening to past Bass Flo & Nemanoe mixes @ work lately.

always a pleasure.

The Launch Pad Experience - Nemanoe- Guest mix showcase on

1. The Outerworld - Confession
2. Nemanoe - The Idol
3. Okee & Nemanoe - Mystic Soul
4. Nemanoe - Unporvability
5. Seba & Physics - Before I Can Breathe
6. The Outerworld - Aurelia
7. Asc - Vacant Smiles
8. Cavernous Space - Deceleration
9. Okee & Tidal - Endless Journey
10.Bass'Flo - Hidden Portals in Earth's Magnetic Field
11.The Outerworld - Space & Aviation (AI Spaced & Aviated mix)
Various ‎– Fagjazz - Comatonse Super Best Collection

Rene Hell - Vanilla Call Option (PAN)
as posted earlier. still on a heavy Moving Mountains kick on the player @ work.

they've severely grown on me. full discography thus far, on shuffle. repeat, repeat again. good stuff.

a blend of different elements all at once. sombre & moody as fuck most of the time. collectively throughout the discography so far, it all works.

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Art Zoyd - Symphonie pour le jour où brûleront les cités
Donna Chambray Loren - 20K Solid Gold

Some fantastic music on this by FaltyDL under an alias and it's a free download
[Image: dj-qberts-wave-twisters.jpg]
Manix - Living In The Past

Got the picture disc this morning and I've already played it twice having an early morning rave, absolutely love it.
DIB Wrote:Manix - Living In The Past

Got the picture disc this morning and I've already played it twice having an early morning rave, absolutely love it.

CD just arrived as well

Wave Twisters !! not seen that in years Smile
The Necks - Mosquito

DJ Rashad - Double Cup (Hyperdub)
its good.

anyone id the first tune? its quite lush. i think Seba, prolly not tho.

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Fauxpas Musik - Desolate - Radio Sirus Mix 08-10-13