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This mix from Oneman was good until the cringeworthy "motherfucker" etc vocals came in from the drop-ins...eurrgggh. The mentality of these people defies me.
Laurel Halo - Chance of Rain (Hyperdub)
^ Need to check that.

Abandon - Abandon LP

Pretty depressing shoegazey post-rock, but pretty damn good nonetheless
SMM: Opiate (Ghostly International)
Mozart - Piano Sonatas (piano: Mitsuko Uchida) Bluesmiley
for some reason...

Desaparecidos is the first thing i listened to this morning. random? fuck yeah.

it all still goes down great tho. such a noisy racket. diggin the newer stuff fo sho Dance

FIS - Preparations (Tri Angle)
Oneohtrix Point Never - R Plus Seven (Warp Records)
Tangerine Dream - Rubycon
Pink Floyd - Meddle
Brother - Cold Shoulder (Fokuz)

I've always been impressed with musical side of his tunes, how each sound is placed exactly in correct place to give the tune good vibe. This album (speaking about CD1, with d&b tunes, haven't listened second CD yet) proves his further progression in this direction. How can he be still such underrated producer? Great album.
[Image: artworks-000059318775-bqeg8z-t500x500.jpg]
INSMIX004 – Last Japan - October 2013


Black – DJ SS
Untittled – IQ 012 – Unknown Artists
Baby Your – Dillinja
Manhatten Melody – Lemon D
R.I.P (DJ Hype Remix) – Remarc
Gangsta (OJ Mix) – Dillinja (Trinity)
Florence – Zomby
The Crane – Source Direct
Genius (Dillinja Remix) Kym Mazelle
White – DJ SS
Zodiac – Zomby
Old School Ting – Breakage
Ja Know Ya Big – Dillinja
Made Up Sounds – Source Direct
Broken – Blocks & Escher

^^ great little mix there from the one Last Japan. nice blends, like the inclusion of the Blocks & Escher "Broken" @ the end.

does the job. definitely. Smile

Guapo - History of the Visitation

Guapo - Black Oni

Willie Nelson - Red Headed Stranger

[Image: cowboy.gif]
Cryogenics - Deception EP (Omni Music)
Dubmonger - Re-Translation to Another Galaxy (Translation Recordings)

It's fantastic Smile

+ToRMeNT+ Wrote:new Superchunk "I Hate Music" lp is.. out NOW

Low F is my fave tune on the record k?

[Image: artworks-000052087529-ss3fy2-t500x500.jpg]
Global Communication - 76:14