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Full Version: Currently on your stereo
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widzhit Wrote:Global Communication - 76:14

Carpenters Gold

Byrd - Mass for Four Voices - The Sixteen

Moon Duo - Mazes
Various Artists: I Am The Center

Less 'new age' than I was imagining it would be; on track 4 and quite interesting so far. Smile
This has some bloody good stuff on it. My favourite tracks:

Nesta Kerin Crain - Gongs In The Rain
Constance Derby - Om Mani Padme Hum
Don Slepian - Awakening (Excerpt)
Laraaji - Unicorns In Paradise (Excerpt)
Michael Stearns - As The Earth Kissed The Moon (Excerpt)
i have a laraaji album with brian eno that i've not got round to listening to yet.
micheal stearns - baraka ost Lovesmilie

currently 'earin :

cube Wrote:currently 'earin :

in similar vein:

Schlagstrom vol7

Falcon (some tracks anyway)
Rodriguez - Searching For Sugar Man
Received 3 Glacial Movements (Lull - Mick Harris of Scorn is one of their CDs I have in my collection) CDs through the post before Christmas. Gonna put one or two on for my afternoon nap.
Release the Bells makes me Jig everytime! Sublime f*king set.

Talvihorros - Eaten Alive (Fluid Audio)

This is pretty different to "Descent Into Delta"; it utilises beats as well as string accompaniment. Very interesting at present.
Got recommended this on YouTube

I can handle double time bidi bidi rhythm sometimes. But without good tunes - thankfully this has good tunes.
Pinkcourtesyphone - Elegant & Detached (Room 40)
Herbie Hancock - Thrust

Statto Wrote:Herbie Hancock - Thrust


Great album, along with Head Hunters Xyxthumbs
Ø ‎– Konstellaatio (Sähkö Recordings)
v/a - The Flowering of Genius

music of Francisco Guerrero, Thomas Tallis, Tomas Luis de Victoria, John Sheppard, Philippe de Monte, William Byrd

song by The Sixteen
Foci's Left - Life in a Less Southern Town

Statto Wrote:Foci's Left - Life in a Less Southern Town



What's your favourite tune from it?
Muttley Wrote:Grin

What's your favourite tune from it?

probably the first one Smile
Actress - Ghettoville
Nicolette - No Government (In The Biosphere)