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Full Version: Currently on your stereo
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Guapo - Five Suns


^ I like the bass line

^ I like the original Juicy Fruit

^ Just a bad ass tune

No need to mention Hypnotize . . .
Jiva - Slopes EP (Omni Music)
Today I 'av been mostly listening to lots of Scorn. Falcon
Bukem Rebirth 96

Fada Wrote:Today I 'av been mostly listening to lots of Scorn. Falcon

Listening to Bukem @ Detonate Notts again, is there something wrong with me?
Johnathan F. Lee - Dislocated


even if he doesn't know how to spell Jonathan
Boards of Canada – The Beach at Redpoint
Jan Jelinek - Loop-Finding Jazz Records
cp_ffm Wrote:Jan Jelinek - Loop-Finding Jazz Records

Great album that ^, for me tonight it's Fennesz - Bécs (Editions Mego)
Bryn Harrison - Vessels

This is pretty decent mainstream dnb. Don't mind it being played on the radio.
Theo Parrish - First Floor
Terre Thaemlitz - Soullessness

again, but omitting the 29:40:31 length track this time 201tongue
BJ Nilsen & Alan Courtis - Cheesewheel Masters

Great title, and nice church bell and birds field recordings too Smile
HATE - Bad History
Roly Porter - Aftertime

Bukem @ Ruff Neck Ting

The Science Group - A Mere Coincidence