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Foul Play Productions - Field of Action

Moon Ate The Dark - I / II (Sonic Pieces)
Alaska - Aerosoul VIP (Knowledge Mag CD 53)

First ost on the revamped thread and I managed to get here by searching for title which is very handy!
various Public Image Ltd. tracks on youtube

[Image: xgncd001.jpeg]

Hydrogen Cafe Mix - Book Of Dreams (nrvnet)

Brilliant ambient mix on the now (to me) defunct links HCafe blog.
SC Vol.1 on bandcamp...

Pere Ubu - Dub Housing

because of Jessica Hopper's Epiphany in The Wire



As sound art:

Listening to a Wandelweiser disc

The making of this recording and, especially the idea that we would release such a thing (as happened in 1996) is reflective of one of the most important features of the thinking that was taking place within Wandelweiser. Obviously a recording is different in many ways from a live performance. The most profound difference in my view is how one experiences them. A concert is a series of moments in which something indefinable passes through sound and between people. The moments are sensuously immersive (sights, sounds, feelings, smells, tastes), but impermanent. But you have a relationship with a recording. It can be a brief relationship – and can then somewhat resemble a performance. But the best recordings are lasting in their own particular and repetitive way.

A recording is also an artifact that doesn’t care what you do with it. You can listen to the same song 500 times; you can refuse to open it (c.f. Brian Olewnick’s review of Sectors (for Constant) by Sean Meehan); you can hang it on the wall, sell it or throw it away.

With recording, sound is stored for use. How do you use a recording like Stones? Do you just listen to it like anything else (perfectly possible in this case) or do you find ways of listening to it that suit the recording in other ways: say playing it all day at low volume (so that it can be forgotten, except for those very few moments when a sound rises to the surface, reminding you it’s still there). Or play it so loud that you hear everything.

As sonic art: Simon Scott - Below Sea Level (12k CD)
old Ram Trilogy records

Molten beats is pretty bland though on the whole.
(9th September 2015, 05:06)noisemonkey Wrote: [ -> ]Molten beats is pretty bland though on the whole.

yes, I was just listening to Vols.1-3

Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats - The Night Creeper
Linval Thompson - Can't Stop Us Now (compilation)
Synth Sense - Perfect Symmetry (Auxiliary)
Synkro - Changes (Apollo Records)

proper jazzy dnb Rainbow
Sophie Nzayisenga