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Bat For Lashes - Two Suns

Death Shanties - Psychic Rome
I listened to this lp first thing like clockwork, early in the mornings going to work for months after it was released. Sunshine, early mornings, blocking the world out for a few mins. Smile

oi, SOMOS, When is the new record coming out?

Bluegrass Radio
New Deadbeat album "Walls & Dimensions"...


Deadbeat - Walls & Dimensions
Something new from Anla Courtis ...pretty damn swell.
Queens Of The Stone Age - Self Title

"Regular John" is the perfect intro to their whole well being as a band...
It has the dirt of Kyuss, the tripped out values of Can, the Southern
Cali vibe and of course Josh on vocals instead John so much less wank!

As much as I still check these guys this is still their best album to date...

[Image: a23fca06.jpg]
Baby Metal's album.

Keith Rowe/John Tilbury - Enough still not to know (Part 2)

Full Repertoire vol. 1. Just found it in my mailbox Xyxthumbs
[Image: MI0000300764.jpg]

Fanu - Polar
Proper release, deserves a Falcon
Oh aye.
Currently acoustic stuff mixed with a half-listenes batch of Omni Music CDS.
Also a ton of my own tribute and Water Pageants lovely new record. Tamara -  Cranekiss yet again too.