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Full Version: Currently on your stereo
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Malevolent Creation - The Ten Commandments - R/C Records
Hammock - Everything And Nothing
old Siouxsie and the Banshees records (John McKay era)


Strictly Mood II Swing – 3 CDs worth of M2S remixes for £9

Larry Levan: Genius of Time – two CDs of LL remixes for £7

New album on Fluttery Records
Celtic Frost - Morbid Tales

30 years on and this still holds it's weight...
Tape Loop Orchestra - Go Straight To The Light Of All That You Love (Facture)

nice in a Pilote / Boards of Canada kind of way Bluesmiley Smiley

after which it seemed appropriate to play this:

anyone know any more songs about wanking? Wink
Various Artists - Pampa Vol. 1 - Pampa

Solid 19 track compilation from DJ Koze's off kilter Pampa...

[Image: pampa-use.jpg]
(19th May 2016, 13:38)Statto Wrote: [ -> ]anyone know any more songs about wanking? Wink

Sort of.

Falcon Falcon

Hahaha Hahaha
KYO - Aktuel Musik (Posh Isolation)
The Clash - The Singles

fuck me, they were awful Thumbd
After rereading Chapter 21 in Simon Reynolds' [i]Rip It Up and Start Again[i], I'm now revisiting "New Pop" records...

They're just as dreadful as I remembered.


Falcon Falcon
Eno - another green world
(21st June 2016, 12:50)Statto Wrote: [ -> ]The Clash - The Singles

fuck me, they were awful Thumbd

Guns of Brixton and Rock the Casbah Xyxthumbs

Apart from those two I'll go along with your assessment.