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Blur - For Tomorrow Smile
Muttley Wrote:
Statto Wrote:John Wiese & Merzbow - Multiplication

How was the gig? Wave

grand, if a bit short
there were only three on that night so JW could have done a two hour set instead of just a normal one
but he didn't
Just copped White Noise - An Electric Storm. On first listening I'm totally blow away to be honest.
assemblyworker Wrote:Just copped White Noise - An Electric Storm. On first listening I'm totally blow away to be honest.

oh christ! ive rinsed this for samples over the years! love it.

i saw him play this live in a church in london about 2 years back!
was wicked, except you had to nip over to the off license across the road to get your beers, haha. and the wooden church benches wasnt very comfy.

he didnt play hear come the fleas tho Icon_sad
Statto Wrote:Repetition/Distract - Not Even in Sleep


Alix Perez - Fabric Promo mix 30.09.09
dj/rupture's Mudd Up podcasts. Good stuff, just done an ambient set with some lovely stuff (Silver Mt Zion, Seefeel, Keith Fullerton Whitman) on it. Had Anti-Pop Consortium on t'other week.

Revisiting his Gold Teeth Thief mix also
The Detroit Experiment - Think Twice

cool little tune Smile
Zelienople - Gone OST
Cinnamon Chasers - Wishing For The Fire
Subvert Central Album Podcast Lovesmilie
Alexander Tucker - Veins To The Sky Lovesmilie
Richard Lainhart - Threshold
Quasimoto - Discipline 99, Part 0 (feat. Mr. Herb)
old Alpha Omega dubs

[Image: alphaomega.gif]
Michael Fakesch-Marion
Billy Gomberg - Lights Form Her Body
Ekca Liena - Orb Night
Quintessence - Notting Hill Gate
King Crimson - Live at the Zoom Club, October 13, 1972
Eska — Inside Out (Live)
Zelienople - Give It Up
Trax & Brown - Battle of the Soul Drums