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terrible terrible records, but it's amusingly bonkers that Fresh has had so much success

Blame - J-Walkin'

as in literally on my stereo
it doesn't seem to be on youtube so I had to get the vinyl out


You gotta hear Fresh - Gold Dust Statto, it is comedy gold, very catchy too.
I only lasted 40 seconds before I had to turn it off Wink
Yes it's cheekily great pop-techno.
Right now: gwfaa-are you ok? Ep
I don't think that's the right title but one track is called.
A ace little MINI cd. Doesn't play on non-chinese systems.
They are upright facing players (my one) with a cd spindle slotin.
Naturally ambient music.
Continuing with birdsong outside.
Never stop listening to the love of the day.

Yesterday's Heroes - 1979


Greg Haines - The Spin / With Everything That Breathes.
The Pharcyde - Passing Me By (from The Ultimate Hip Hop Album Disc 2)
Sprinter - Clear Mind EP (Omni Music)

...there's nothing bad as long as you can keep the fear from your mind.

In that nature, mornin' Statto Wave
(24th July 2017, 04:59)Muttley Wrote: [ -> ]In that nature, mornin' Statto Wave

morning Wave

Taken my self back to Machinefabriek - Grom. Maudlin and icy drones. Very earthy and very beautiful. 

I have all his music from that 09 period, from Most of the mottled deposits are on Bandcamp and Spotify for track streaming. 

Before that I was listening to 'Put Your Sad Down', an unreleased School Of Seven Bells record. 

And before that 'Finding Me Finding U' on my MixCloud, because I like the 'Crowd Rocker' mix-in-and-out. 

Muttley - Eternal Sands to start the day, on my echo box Iriver X20. 

Later I'll likely listen to some Goat, Celeste, new Denovali, or make some new sheet of my own, only uploads at best.
Leonora d'Este - Musica quinque vocum motteta materna lingua vocata

Close to the noise floor presents...noise reduction system...early European electronica 1974-1984 4CD.

The first track is autonomic dnb before it was coined. Statto will like this compilation. Fucking lovely present for my studio work of recent!

That's the CD that comes with the German Electronic music mag "Groove magazine" - which I have started to buy (again) a couple of months ago. Buying a printed music magazine in 2017? WTF?!? you may ask... well, for me this is actually a good deal. I simply don't have the time these days to spend hours upon hours to browse through a gazillion soundcloud pages to find stuff on my own, so I use that mag as some sort of reference guide what to listen to/to check out etc. Groove magazine has been a long time rival to the now unfortunately closed De:Bug mag (Orson who posted here in the past was a regular writer for them, and also I did a piece for them once). I guess it's more nostalgia and loyalty towards the electronic music scene than anything else which got me back to buy this mag again. However, I usually find interesting stuff in it so it's all worth it Teef

Oh and the following track is on that CD, it happens to be my fav of the lot:

#pelt - effigy #albumoftheday
1971 Comus - First Utterance [full album] (prog folk atypical of the era, played after Pelt, the band legend Jack Rose founded, RIP)

proper gunky sheit.