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(30th October 2017, 08:06)bobule Wrote: [ -> ]mostly djent

The Inperspective Records Digital Discography & The Virtue of Falling EP from Next Phase Records.

Luke Vibert - A Polished Solid 12" - Mo' Wax
muttley Halloween special

Spiral Path - Back To Mine

An oldie (2007), but an incredibly good goodie.
Soundtrack style throughout the whole.
Claudio PRC - φάσμα
Echo - out of time (calyx remix) (moving shadow)
and it's lend me ten pounds, I'll buy you a drink...

"The Way It Is" by Bruce Hornsby.
Did you think of that before you made the rules?
Yves Tumor - Limerence
Kelly Lee Owens - S.O
Visible Cloaks - Mimesis
Synkro - Lost For Words
Forest Swords - Raw Language
Juana Molina - Sin Dones
Gaussion Curve - Breathe
Animal Collective - Man Of Oil
Talabomon - Six Million Ways
Bing & Ruth - Scrapes
Personal FX - Objects in Mirrrors
Spotify Chilltime continuous playlist

Margins - fragile existence - fluid audio cd
Kumano by Yoshimichi Setsuda. Fantabulous.
Julius Granell - Her New Hat
Jagolaboritium - the distance will bring me to your
JYoung - Mvmnt 1 - Dispair (Soundcloud dls)
The Communards (Jimmy Sommerville's second band) - Don't Leave me This Way

Wicked wicked wixxor. And that jazz piano!

Pilote - Fair Play

The one with the addictive Stephen Fry sample.
Rinsed this tune so much.
Thx Stattski 4 da Selectadisc offering. Kisskiss


really nice live feel to the drums – maybe they were done live, I don't know