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Full Version: Currently on your stereo
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Crystal Magic CD on my triad of CDDVDJ's.

Its a perfect disc for documentary style the winding down periods between activities at home.

Not suitable for car journeys though if yr driving.
Telly audio wise I've been enjoying Absolutely Fabulous music theme and various gaffs. I have always thought of the show as the female Bottom equivalent from the first episode. Helps comparatively that Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley used to collaborate on their performances.
Tapper 44
Björk - Utopia
Good record Xyxthumbs
Marenn Sukie input to Next Phase Records "Wound up Beat Tape 2" was also very good. Actually it brought me to the EP above, as I've never heard of this producer before.
Atmosphere hiphop band on Spotify.

Focis Right - the changing fog of guitar
At the free wifi pub The Beehive.
Mala - Mala In Cuba
Makoto - believe in my soul
Not a bad little album.

Certificate 18 playlist on Spotify.

C18 Playlist on Spotify Smile
(31st January 2018, 16:17)Muttley Wrote: [ -> ]C18 Playlist on Spotify Smile



Beautiful ambient-house from Latvia.

Mother of Mars - Seed 2 Sky
sorry, mate, nothing wrong with this, just ain't got no batteries in, shouldn't've bust the seal...
Belle & Sebastian - Tigermilk
Al Stewart on Spotify.
"Year of the cat", "time passages", "on the border"...these are my top three songs from the tapes.
Foci Left & Eschaton on Spotify..
Specifically for the top 5 tracks.
Leftfield - Leftism