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Full Version: Currently on your stereo
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Forest Sword - Dagger Paths
just checking Dom's old aliases and came across this...

Randomly got sent this cd instead of something else I was after Grumble

It's actually pretty fcuking good!
Elton John - Your Song
AC/DC - Powerage

Sairen - Naige Nuit on Fluttery Records.

Post rock music with a Spanish feel.
Magix - Tapas Mosaic LP (April 2018-May 2018)


Fuck off plugins
No stereo on right now
So, im medicated to white noise and hum

Angel Olsen - Burn your fire lp, Marina - Froot lp.
Shimmering Moods label. Unperceived Records.
Whitelab Recs. Cubase guitar and Novachord studio.
Audio Gourmet teasers x2
Ian Hawgood versions x2
Soma Fm Drone Zone overnight to stop the nightmares.
Xiu Xiu Larsen as a massive feckoff to nightmares.
All this week Fatherjack :carefulnow: Hypno

Annastay - when i feel like this mixtape
Foxes - glorious (debut pop lp)
Various budo tapes from my logik set top box, makes for instantaneousness with a strong nostalgic element.
Netherworld - Morketid - GM Bandcamp
Had this on compact disc, for many years.
Gregg Kowalsky