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Jan Linton & Leo Abrahams - I Actually Come Back
Marina - Happy (FL Acoustic Cover)
Sounds like two tone Ian Curtis.
Tomahawk - Strictly Ballroom
Lamb - Gabriel (Total Science Remix)
Grooverider & Optical - Mysteries of Funk


Jem - They (Photek remix)
Cigarettes After Sex
Brass Construction 5

Grouper - Grid Of Points LP
Low - Words
Oh what if John Lennon, were still alive today
And he had not been shot
The general consensus is that that would be nice
But. I dare to say that. it might not be
He'd hang around with Geldof doing Live Aid and the like
Oh I'm glad John Lennon died.

Now before you start to boo me, and say that I'm a cunt
Perhaps I should explain
He last wrote, he last wrote a good song, in 1971
and never, ever, sang a decent thing again!
His music in the '80s would have sounded like Crowded House
Oh I'm glad John Lennon died.

And can you imagine if he made a guest appearance on Never Mind The Buzzcocks?
All of his answers would be painfully bad, and to see him look
so past it
would be really sad
He'd always be on Twitter making really racist jokes
Oh I'm glad John Lennon died.

Do doo, do doo do doo do, do doo doo do doo do
Do doo do do, doo do
Do doo do doo of dodo do doo do do do do
Do do dooo dooo doo doo do do doo do
In 1990 Yoko would've killed him anyway
Oh I'm glad John Lennon died.

And believe it or not would you spare a thought what would have happened to Harrison and Mcartney?
All of them would be saying "Paul is dead" and they would have named
the airport after him instead
Imagine if him instead of Neil Buchanan presented Art Attack!
Oh I'm glad John Lennon died.
dunno what to say about this...


this reminds me of Henry Cow in places...

Wave Smile


Various Artists - SlipStreamDreams (Foci Left)

Currently playing from the influences files:

Bjork - Quicksand
Radioactive Man - Fed-Ex To Munchen (Andrew Weatherall Mix)
Goldfrapp-Ooh La La
it's hard to express now just how important this record was back in the 1970s...