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Full Version: Currently on your stereo
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I've been listening to my Cheap Monday Pocket Operator 28 from Teenage Engineering wired up to the micro system with a Bluetooth Adapter from Tao plugged in also to a) run neural electronics and b) let me compose an ongoing hip-hop, disco or techno jam session.
J Majik - Red Alert
Shut Up And Dance - The Great British PublicĀ 

3CD from Horizons Music bulk package on eBay. Breakbeat hardcore at its best.
Half Man Half Biscuit - National Shite Day


Sheryl Crow
Aphex Twin- Collapse EP (Warp)

CD dub was fresh in at Rapture Witney Wednesday. Really good Idm styles in the vein of "Come To Daddy" era RDJ.
John Carpenter- Halloween OSTĀ 

Creepy, blood red crimson depth and transluscence to the recordings on this new film score OST from John Carpenter, famous in the soundtrack world for his "Assault On Precinct 13 Main Theme". With a tranquilizers wattage necessary to the razor sharp friction sonics, be prepared for a rib shaking sonic handicraft.

powerful left hand Bluesmiley
Kid Lib - stock.
I really like it.

Adam F & Fresh - Junglesound - Revenge Of The Bass (Unmixed) - pretty decent techy jump up.

Mogwai - Central Belters CD3 / Pilote - Kingfood / Robert Davies - Arboreal / Bruno Bavota - Temporary Residence Unreleased (and edited) material.

Yeah, it's been a kind week.
40 year old noodling...

Some Powell Handling Happie variation that Powell brought into Squatchlair.
Muttley- 15 Minutes Of Fame pt.26
Fl - may everyone be safe...
The Pharcyde - Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde
SE in the mix
Want to buy the new release by Helios at my local
The Beatles White Album

ASC -Greyscale

The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Are You Experienced
Fragmentary nu gaze starscapes; the placative purpose is an antithesis to dread