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Full Version: Currently on your stereo
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I just like that track.
We give the haters a hug
in a similar vein...

it seemed kind of appropriate

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds  24hr, Stay Home stream on the youtube channel, 

stream today includes videos, interviews, live performances  

Daniel Barenboim - Beethoven Piano Sonatas — all ten hours worth


Olive - Miracle

Mikael Tariverdiev

The film score works 1-3 I have has been getting more popular with fans of my Fluid Radio review and more. 51 tracks download. Very uniform, very unique. Sung in French. I have not removed it from my DAC recorder/regenerative machine ever since 2015 load.
Hey hey Nelson Wave not talked to you for a while.

Eternsal Life mixtape
My own. On SoundCloud.

This mix has the seriously sweet-hearted "Baby Don't Go" by Dum Dum Girls.
hey hey Wave Neptune
Celer on Glacial Movements label.
Only the best for my Onion! :stillgamejackandvictor:
Atm listening to Radio One. Some good hardcore. 
One good thing was the Scott Mills top 20 chart.


Richard Norris - Elements CDR

A fine, whimsical puff through the cosmos, affronted by rays of blue and white, interspersed with a mild glow of ecstatic autumnal wits. It's an ambient disc, along the veins of Sigur Ros - Von LP and Jonsi.

Falcon Falcon Falcon

Falcon Falcon

this is quite unexpected... it sounds like Big Bud
[Image: R-9814-1175738789.jpeg.jpg]