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my crappy recording on a handheld tape recorder
quite nice to see it up on youtube though Smiley
The Temptations - Psychedelic Soul

which may well be the greatest single artist compilation ever

Celer - Malaria )- Bandcamp

A friendly reminder to the tension and shwantology of transferring psychic deification to the UK tape machine loop.
Carbon Based Lifeforms - Twenty Minutes

Good alert, yet nap time material, stencilled as a monopoly into the aether of mod ambient, ambient dub, constellations of sparks heading between the mood of a supernova and agricultural decay transformat.
Good stuff from Tech Itch
'Music For Meditation' by Low Light Mixes
Hot Tap - Billenium Soundscapes

A pivotal success in arcane electronic dub, like Sileni ingested a glitch tranquilliser.

Adam F - Colours

Just for this masterpiece, collaborating with Tracey Thorn;_ylu=Y29sbwMEcG9zAzEEdnRpZAMEc2VjA3Nj/RV=2/RE=1625693523/RO=10/

"The Tree Knows Everything" [1994-1997]
To the ears and eyes of the "Ocean Of Sound" paperback ire

Ryuichi Sakamoto & David Toop - "Garden Of Shadows"

Looks good - I'll check it soon. Currently finishing a first listen to the second CD of Sarah Davachi's "Cantus, Descant" on the Late Music label [their first release physically] - if you want info on what Sarah Davachi sounds like, search her name in Wire magazine, or see the YouTube track "So It Goes" by Greg Haines and Peter Broderick [artist names signed to Erased Tapes Records, along with Stars Of The Lid's project, A Winged Victory For The Sullen].
DJ Wickaman, MC Fivealive - Nightvision Mix 2 [Infrared 2004]

Hardcore drumfunk fits nestled into a "chuck da speaker at da window bruv" type of demolisher TNT & Bass.

Bleedin' luvverly stuff by Obsidian Shard, shown for not the first time on the Bjork-esque Blue Tapes compact disc and MC label (micro cassette); with an insectoid leaning in its grips and synth drones, it spits bacterial homes, for garden gnomes: not just gardens like, more like some wannabe atmosphere to a The Demon Headmaster TV episode that makes the youth want to crap their dungarees at how alienating this whole shindig sounds; a masterplan of swarming Borg bees circumnavigating an attack operation of Candy Kids who have nothing to repot...the balls of it, the balls of it - of wait there comes an Asteroid circling away from Uranus: boosh!
DJ Hype - Dubplate Killaz 2 [True Playaz]
CD + DVD + Ringtones [rolling club beats]


Gilbert & Sullivan - HMS Pinafore CD 1 of 2; The Pirates Of Penzance CDs incoming [lower case pilgrimage opera]

The XX - Coexist at half the speed [dutty songwriting]

Throughout the afternoon

Thank you for Statto waving at me online Icon_razz

After the amusing conversations yesterday, real and unreal, I revisit Gareth Hardwicks Low Point label, always finding more to be positive about, because the label's a very good one, seriously peaceful and relaxing.
Not all of life allows for peace, but I find sonority in soundscapes that like selective focus, chooses to relax us.
The label has been a favourite of mine for getting on for ten years ago.
Lovely to be able to stream everyday.