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RIP RHK Lighter
Glad you like the Moor Mother new music album, Statts. 

#rn Right now, I've tuned into "Ambient 1970s" play list on 

Starts with "On The Other Ocean" by David Behrman, slides into "Wind On Wind" by Robert Fripp and Brian Eno, currently "Gloaming" by Ernest Hood. Sounding like an alternative reality Godspeed You! Black Emperor, never breaking out of second gear, yet very unique. 

The play list, imo, is interesting because of its datedness.
(24th September 2021, 20:13)Muttley Wrote: [ -> ]Glad you like the Moor Mother new music album, Statts.

More a Xyxthumbs for Moor Mother in general really.

I don't particularly like her new LP.

Muziq on Spotify

Mike Paradinas' glitch music continues, for the heads who relish it, becomes misnomer wise for increasing happiness. Whether its "Brace Yourself Jason", a torchbearer of classy IDM, to the maganamious "Hasty Boom Alert" - or even the 2007 freight train futurism of "Duntisborne Abbotts Soulmate Devastation Technique", Mike's work is often happenstance misunderstood. 
Of course, this can be because nobody gives a shit about a lot of music from the nineties onwards, though it shouldn't be.

Melodically, pensiveness never had it so good in music related to Boards, Squarepusher, Aphex, Ceephax Acid Crew, Luke Vibert. Granted, electronic music is one of the earliest forms of glacial, stowed-away technical button pushing and solace seeking. Like the big bang, IDM is tinted with anger, aphorism, conjunctive chaos, soul travelling, re-domestication, psychic failure. 
But it's also something to, simply, just behold. With pseudo-intellectual tastemaker processors at an all time high, the minority say very little and the rest pretend we're all butthurt unicorns at a Bjork concert, seeing sexual differences in the flesh. 

Not that it matters, of course - U-ZIQ to be properly naming of Paradinas' electric soup, makes music regardless of genre.