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Grouper - Cover The Windows And The Walls
Klimek - Movies Is Magic
sepia tones atm...

just spent 3+ hours ripping stuff sent over the years which got gutted in the
HD crash of 2008. next up is a folder of stuff capro gave me ages ago and was pretty much forgotten about.

that's the one good thing about good ole xbox... i transfer shit to a
flashdrive to listen while gaming and discover & re-discover stuff which was forgotten.
[Image: 3831223709_0266503da2_m.jpg]

Stereloab - Refractions In The Plastic Pulse
Utopian Wrote:I've just put on Subvert Central Volume 1 and I'm going to go through to Volume 3, playing all the tracks in order. Smile

that's the spirit Twothumbs
Konntinent - Opal Island
widzhit Wrote:Stereloab - Refractions In The Plastic Pulse
its in constant rotation.
new pangaea EP

cordani Wrote:new pangaea EP


Anything ive heard from pangaea i really like, i might of heard a song off ep, i really want to hear the whole thing...Gonna look into it.Grin
Muttley - Stepping Into The Sun
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Lovesmilie My favorite movie of all time. Grin


Muttley Wrote:Klimek - Sound Of Confusion

Amazing......... Sounds like burial.
breakwater - pendulum - shoreline recordings
Stray - Timbre
DIB Wrote:Stray - Timbre

good stuff Xyxthumbs

Badmammal - Desobrigamento
Endalok - Ferðalangurinn
Dj blue water project 66
Hoggle doesn't like much but Hoggle much prefers Magic Dance

ps Plaaasstic?!