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Full Version: Currently on your stereo
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Automobile, Swift - Enemy, Enemy


Rim - Seas & Deserts & Skies
Polska - 2nd Rate
15 mof pt 38

Oh come on you lot.

More doing. While praiseworthy, less just absorbing what others do.
james blake "CMKY" ep on R&S - it's absolutely STUNNING!

leakage Oops
Roo Stercogburn Wrote:Oh come on you lot.

More doing. While praiseworthy, less just absorbing what others do.

say what? Smile
Kenny Larkin - Keys, Strings & Tambourines
Streetbeats present Genre Pollination - Mixed by Raserblade
unfortunately all i do is absorb atm tell my health gets better. Gutted not working on music but fuck it all i got right now.
Machinefabriek - Daas
Goldie - Inner City Life (Goldie & Photek 'Baby Boys' mix)

rickeghhgh forrceeghthgh - konono riddim
Back2Basics Recordings - A History In The Mix
Script - A Woman In Every Port
dance party crew over here

(my neighboor is hanging at mine yes and discovered utube, now theres a take over on my computer today) Lol

heh how i bribed her to come over and do my hair..
Fugues - unreleased tracks 2007

Lights away - awake and sleeping *
Elis Regina - The Definitive Collection

DJ Not - Sit Back And Relax

1 Moreno - Midsummer Night's Rain [Free: Digibeat Music]
2 Resound - Secrets (Sabre Remix) [Translation]
3 Hipnotic - The Storm of Progress [Free]
4 Rockwell - Stay Calm [Critical]
5 Kasra - Perception [Critical]
6 Diffraction - Blah [Free]
7 Kubatko - A-delicious [Free]
8 Anonymi - Venturi [Free: Digibeat Music]
9 Cooh - The Man With No Faith [Free: HMSU]
10 Sabre - A Wandering Journal [Critical]
11 Sabre - One Hundred Teeth [Free]
12 Indivision - Rainman [Free]
13 Whizz - Stoked [Free]
14 Oak - Mongoose [Free]
15 dBridge - Lost Shadow [Free]
16 CJ Weaver - Nebula [Free: Absys Records]

The Sight Below - It All Falls Apart
DIB Wrote:The Sight Below - It All Falls Apart

One of the best albums that's seen release this year. I have the cover of Joy Division's "New Dawn Fades" in a concept set that will be published exclusively with TDD Chapter 3.

The Black Dog - Music For Real Airports
[Image: album-hoss.jpg]
David Thomas Broughton - Boating Disasters - EP

saw him in concert last night.. was great!
The Alps - Le Voyage