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Full Version: Currently on your stereo
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Bill Nelson - Pavillions Of The Heart And Soul
Darren Harper - Descend
Harold Budd - Pavillion Of Dreams
Harold Budd - Lovely Thunder
Actress - Splazsh
Cluster - II

in preparation for the concert tomorrow Homerdrool
littleNemo Wrote:Cluster - II

in preparation for the concert tomorrow Homerdrool

Eek Smile

Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid - The Exchange Session Vol.1
low light - concerto for this and that
Vincent Kuhner - Hiatus
Kevin Drumm - Lights Out
Kevin Drumm - No Edit
Kevin Drumm - Organ
Source Direct - Two Masks
Michael Brook - Hybrid
Thin Lizzy discography Lovesmilie
Bernard Hermann - Psycho Soundtrack

[Image: gummy.gif]
Statto's 2004 CD
Ljud - Nothing Hurts
Low End Theory Podcast - The Gaslamp Killer & Lorn
Andrew Michalk - Seven Colours
PVC - X-Rated
Cogent - Counter Motions
Jon Hassell - Magic Realism: Aka-Darbari-Java
Laraaji - Day Of Radiance
Brian Eno & Harold Budd - The Plateaux Of Mirrors
Crash Victim Demo EP
Tarab - Wind Keeps Even Dust Away
ESG- A South Bronx story
Yasushi Yoshida - Secret Figure
Gareth Hardwick & Machinefabriek - Split
Lichens & Lexi Mountain - If You Choose
Daisuke Miyatani - Diario
A Cloud Mireya - Singular
Muhr - The Forever Tunnels
Loren Dent - Empires In Milk Pt.2
Muttley Wrote:Statto's 2004 CD

Xyxthumbs Wave
Statto Wrote:
Muttley Wrote:Statto's 2004 CD

Xyxthumbs Wave

and very fine it is too Lovesmilie Kisskiss

Keith Fullerton Whitman - Lisbon
VxPxC - Chinatown Nose-Cut
Muttley - Words Can Burn A Happy Home
The Greg Koonaklaster Speaks - A John Fahey Celebration
Viscera (2007, Translation Loss)
badmammal - musichackdayset
Port-Royal - Dying In Time
LDRW - Remainders
Antonymes - Beauty Becomes The Enemy Of The Future
Jazz Warriors - Afropeans (live at the Barbican)
Hibernate Records @ The Hole In T' Wall, June 4th 2010 - Mixed by Field Rotation
Wise Owl Records 031-040
Foreign Beggars – In It For A Minute (Feat. Graziella)

Planning to see Foreign Beggars live tonight.
Bas Van Huizen - Plooibars
Christopher Hipgrave - Slow With Pages Of Fluttering Interference
Lil B - Dior Paint
Eleh - Location Momentum
Eluvium - Similes
Statto's second CD
Various Artists - Hawk Moon Records Vol.1
Various Artists - Jahtarian Dubbers Vol.2
Warning Light - Further On
Muttley Wrote:Statto's second CD


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