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Full Version: Currently on your stereo
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spiritual aura Lovesmilie
mustafa ozkent - genclik ile elele

original 70's turkish funk/folk/psychadelia with a ton of b-boy breaks Yes

the guy built his own guitars fretted to traditional turkish folk tuning systems and then used them on this album.

some clips here:
John B - Visions cd1
messiaen - la fauvette des jardins

Billy Ocean - Goin Gets Tuff Lol
Opeth- A Fair Judgment
dj dara - about fucking time
daniel menche - crawling towards the sun

dj clockwork - old bangers - classic hiphop megamix


tic tock ya dont stop!
LTJ Bukem at this:[Image: biglove.jpg]

Oh my God! Icon_eek Tune after tune after tune. Icon_yippee
Basic Channel - BCD-2

Enforcement in the car at full blast - sounds fecking huge.
radio 1 hyperdub showcase with kode 9

chockloads of hyperdubz Xyxthumbs
Milieu - Remodelled
Cabaret Voltaire - The Voice Of America
muttley Wrote:cabaret voltaire - the voice of america

i played that the other day Xyxthumbs
Dälek - Corrupt (Knuckle Up)
Nas - Illmatic
Prurient - Cocaine Death

shouty bollocks, but good shouty bollocks.
Juno6 - Inside the Blue
statto Wrote:
muttley Wrote:cabaret voltaire - the voice of america

i played that the other day Xyxthumbs


thanks again for the recommendation.

antony and the johnsons - the crying light
my sterio is my computer so other than my itunes i listen mostly to internet stuff now...

cant get enuff of this girl

and i love this today

and a bit of this

and this

and a myspacer...the second tune is wicked ... ' i rise ' proper nothern spirit
Chris Coda - U142
Vladislav Delay - Whistleblower

[Image: party_2.gif]
widzhit Wrote:chris coda - u142

diggin that one too Xyxthumbs

was on my stereo yesterday !
pangaea- bear witness Homerdrool