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um Chin statto, whats up with this dude? ^
Pia Fraus - After Summer
SHIFT Wrote:um Chin statto, whats up with this dude? ^

all you need is the video code – in this case zyK8mcuUIGI
the [ youtube ] protocol adds in all the rest Xyxthumbs
home made Stranglers compilation:

01. (Get a) Grip (on Yourself)
02. London Lady
03. Peaches
04. Go Buddy Go
05. Hanging Around
06. Ugly
07. Peasant in the Big Shitty
08. Choosey Susie
09. Something Better Change
10. Straighten Out
11. No More Heroes
12. In the Shadows
13. Five Minutes
14. Rok it to the Moon
15. Nice 'n' Sleazy
16. Shut Up
17. Tank
18. Toiler on the Sea
19. Mean To Me
20. Walk On By
21. Golden Brown

Lexithimie - I rather die terrified
Calyx & Teebee - Anatomy
Phace - Psycho
oh man this album is soo good. Grin

DJ Marky & XRS - In Rotation
Jonesy - 0BPM Mix Volume 3 - Dark Ambient
Bat For Lashes feat. Beck - Let's Get Lost
Kate Rusby - Awkward Annie

does anyone have this?
London Elektricity - Billion Dollar Gravy
The Like - Release Me
Harold Budd - Luxa
Ibunshi - Ambient
Kemialliset Ystavat - Ullakkopalo
Thomas Koner - Permafrost
Thomas Koner - Teimo
The Wire - Below The Radar Vol 3
Mon0 - Sensaura
Lawrence English - A Colour For Autumn
DIB Wrote:Lawrence English - A Colour For Autumn


Roger Eno & Laaraji - Islands
Roger Eno - Swimming
Roger Eno & Lol Hammond - Damage
Roger Eno & Peter Hamill - The Appointed Hour
Macc & dgoHn - Some Shit Saaink
Kate Rusby - The Girl Who Couldn't Fly
Brian Eno, Moebius, Roedelius, Plank - Begegnungen
Minamo & Lawrence English - A Path Less Travelled
Harold Budd - By The Dawn's Early Light
Harold Budd - The White Arcades
Gate - A Republic Of Sadness
Audio Gourmet Netlabel 016-019
low light - silent sorrow in empty boats
PvC - Invisible Ink
Sir Loris Of Crowthorne – SC: Podcast Episode 011
Bengalfuel - Feldspar
Ninja Tune XX presents: King Cannibal - The Way Of The Ninja
A varied day Smile

Comanenchi - Crime Of Love (playing Oxford tonight, metal and noise)
John Tchicai - Timo's Message (jazz, playing Oxford this Thursday)
Muttley - Missing Links And Measures (forthcoming on SubVersion)
SubVersion presents Alexander Thomas @ Holywell Music Room
SubVersion presents Greg Haines @ Holywell Music Room
SubVersion presents promo CD
Bill Orcutt - Way Down South
single-sided LP. Orcutt tries to kill a vintage acoustic guitar, wonderful stuff.

Sun Araw - On Patrol.
some serious hippy shit, the last track sent me off to sleep, but in a good way.