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Full Version: Currently on your stereo
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Kraftwerk - The Man Machine
Statto Wrote:Kraftwerk - The Man Machine

Nobuto Suda - Ecotone
Mark McGuire - Living With Yourself
Alessio Ballerini - Me and
Upward Arrows - Upward Arrows
Commix - Re:Call to Mind
Flying Lotus - Pattern + Grid World
Thomas Koner three-CD reissue.
Source Direct - Exorcise The Demons
This song has been in my head haunting me all day since i woke, finally placed it...Grin
Genotype - Ritual Dance LP
Xiu Xiu and Grouper - Creepshow
Autonomic Layer 11
josh-hill Wrote:Autonomic Layer 11

ooo yeah, haven't got round to listening to that yet. Good they've started this up again. Best podcasts around
Marina & The Diamonds - The Family Jewels

Implication - Outside Looking In
Loxy - cx17 Part 1
Teebs - Ardour