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Full Version: Currently on your stereo
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Ernesto Ferreyra - El Paraiso De Las Tortugas

A Red Planet Compilation

Wil Bolton - Time Lapse

bernard dolan's latest album
Lil B - Rain in England
Demdike Stare - Voices of Dust
Derek Bailey & The Ruins - Saisoro


Falcon Falcon
Ive been listening to things all day with hammond. Smile

Red Snapper - Crease
Motion Sickness of Time Travel - A Forest Aching Cold
DJ Food - Colour Beyond Colours
Dag Rosenqvist & Simon Scott - Conformists
DJ Spooky - Songs of a Dead Dreamer
Seth Troxler - Bodytonic098 Podcast

One of the better Techno sets I've heard this year. On to the next generation of Detroit (even though he now lives in Berlin)
Deaf Center - Pale Ravine
Autumn Richardson & Richard Skelton - Wolf Notes
DIB Wrote:Autumn Richardson & Richard Skelton - Wolf Notes

Ooh. Into Google it goes. No Skelton live shows yet, hoping there'll be one or two in future though.

Me: Suv - Desert Rose
Equinox b2b Bailey - Technicality 1-10-03
Iron Maiden - Piece Of Mind & Somewhere In Time.

[Image: icon256.gif]
Düffah Wrote:Iron Maiden - Piece Of Mind & Somewhere In Time.

[Image: icon256.gif]

Somewhere in time is my favorite. Have you heard the final frontier?
No, not yet. It was in a er, 'pack' that I 'borrowed'... Wink

Any cop?