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Shinobu Nemoto - Melting Loop Trip

Peter Van Cooten Wrote:The 'extreme' does not refer to the sound of the loops: they are all very atmospheric, warm and meditative.
The 'extremeness' is found more in the strict minimalism of these drones.

Like a good drone should, the sound of these loops colour your background without drawing attention, and thus they are also perfectly capable of masking unwanted background sounds.
Hype Williams - One Nation lp [Image: falconslayer.gif]
Dolphins Into The Future - On Sea-Faring Isolation
Frivolous - Meteorology LP - Cadenza

The only long player I have had on repeat on my phone in the last 12 months. It has the quirk of old Herbert married with loads of meandering pads and cheesy vocals with some French influences. Cheesy and French tend to go hand in hand at times... except the producer is from Vancouver being released on a Swiss label. Addictive release to say the least.

may not necessarily be safe for work.. but definitely safe for walking around town looking unapproachable!
Hard Leaders 4 - Into The Jungle
Stephan Mathieu - A Static Place

so good Lovesmilie
Rene Hell - The Hilton

Falcon Jig
Euphony Wrote:Falcon Jig

Jig Jig Jig Jig Jig Jig Jig Jig Jig Jig Jig

That is badboy!
Niggas With Guitars - Ethnic Frenzy
on rotation recently

(simply amazing!)

stevekeiretsu Wrote:on rotation recently

Great live, bring on the belly dancing!
Burial + Four Tet + Thom Yorke - Ego / Mirror
pub-making trakcx series
Old Apparatus promo mix