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Full Version: Currently on your stereo
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King Crimson - Red

Joanne Shaw Taylor - Diamonds In The Dirt LP
Gareth Davis / Jan Kleefstra / Romke Kleefstra - Sieleslyk

....and memories on dis one, got rinsed so much at the parties;

Autechre - Cavity Job

still gives me tingles
Guti - Patio De Juegos - Desolat


Statto Wrote:who?


Murcof - La Sangre Illuminada
ASC - Symbol 1
Coldcut - Journey's By DJ...

still one of the best mixes EVER laid down.

track 2 Wink!!!!1
Donna Summer - Live and More 2 lp

LP I was given about 30 years ago and is still fucking amazing! Moroder was a genius...

Fuck I am old hehehe

Lawrence English - Kiri No Oto
Fm3 - Buddha Machine Music - remixed by Jan Linton

It'll be making Easter much calmer.
Fracture & Neptune - Fabric Blog Mix October 2010. Excellent set, wish I had more mixes from them...
old Wax Doctor tunes on Basement

Falcon Falcon
Amon Tobin - ISAM