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Clem Leek - Lifenotes
been really feelin old Godfather Don and Sir Menelik stuff. LOVE IT A LOT tbh. For any Ultramagnetic MCs, Cenobites, Dr Octagon/Kool Kieth fans, or old Organized Konfusion fans this shit is absolutely essential. I posted some dld links for these albums under the youtubes... i don't feel bad, shit is outta print. :-P

...from Godfather Don's "Diabolique" album:
dld -

and from Sir Menelik aka Chewbacca Uncircumcised aka Scaramanga's "Cyclops 4000" album:
dld -
The first lady of Perlon...

he was a teenager when he wrote this! understanding deep house at that age is scary...

13 days until Carl Craig b2b with Luciano then Villalobos \o/ in one evening....
Lady Gaga - Born This Way

Hahaha I'd never heard Lady Gaga before so I just went and checked that out.... 3 minutes of video intro beforethe track starts, and then it sounds like Madonna doing the Eurovision Lol
Naphta Wrote:Hahaha I'd never heard Lady Gaga before

Nor me. She's an interesting woman, but I'd never listened to her music. Well, it doesn't offend me, but I don't need to hear it again Wink
As far as I can gather she appears to be trying to make pop stars seem mysterious and even alien again, which has something to say for it in the age of x factor military-school blandness. Plus I like the way that she's not classically good-looking in the usual ultra-boring way. I guess the music part is just much less important than the costume changes. Xyxthumbs
The Best of Louis Jordan

Tomas Weiss & Anthony Paul Kerby - Appearances

This is fantastic - like a darker version of Eno & Fripp's "Evening Star", it's body trapped in a straitjacket and giving off all kinds of inhibited radiances. Available digitally from the Data Obscura shop.

Love this tune so much. Lovesmilie

Props to Warbreaker for bringing up Godfather Don too. Anyone here familiar with the Hydabeats series? Good instrumental rap schitt.

Annoying MC, nice set though.
Simon Scott - Bunny

New Wareika remix lp which is simply stellar! These guys where the highlight of Mutek 2011 for me. Live Techno with an amazing guitarist laying down some very cool effects and zero wank.
offthesky - boy with the golden cough

Brilliant release, managed to get the limited cd but you can download it here
Deep Dish - Junk Science

Beyoncé - Video Phone (My Digital Enemy remix)

William Fowler Collins - The Resurrections Unseen