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the last electro acoustic space jazz percussion ensemble_summer suite-1

40mins of madlib jazz goodness
Johnny Cash - American Recordings
White Denim - Fits
A lot of amazing stuff found on SC (mixes/releases etc). Just grabbed Colin Vearncombe's (aka Black) new album which is being given away at the moment Grin....other than that i'm nailing ELO (mostly Time and Discovery) and JMJ - both of these as per usual - and the new Grizzly Bear album Lovesmilie - without wanting to sound wankerish, i'm sort of trying to lower my dnb intake for now, as it does blinker me a bit when i'm trying to come up with new music ("must produce better/must spend far too much time on breaks/must be structurally acceptable"/etc Yawn)
Various soundclips on Redeye.
[Image: fingers.jpg]
J-Live - Them that's not

this has to be one of the dopest hiphop-tracks! Homerdrool
Led Zeppelin - Four Sticks

Omni Trio - Rogue Satellite

bukem live @ ruffneck ting
4 pounds.

am in stitches here....
Honey Power - Casino Stoner
Martyn - Seventy Four
Claire Marchand - Solo Flute
Richard Skelton - Marking Time
going through my random dnb tunes folder...

A Guy Called Gerald - Gloc (remix)
Adam F - Metropolis
Boymerang - Still (Dom & Roland VIP remix)
Dego - 2BS74638
D'Villainz - Kick In The Door
Grooverider - Time & Space
Jodeci - Feenin (LTJ Bukem remix)
K - 7th Avenue / Total Recall / Trackspill
DJ Krush - Dig This Vibe (Roni Size & Krust remix)
Lemon D - Urban Style Music (Hidden Agenda remix)
LTJ Bukem - Horizons (Paradox remix)
Mijatoho - Shape (Hidden Agenda remix)
Photek - One Nation / The Third Sequence / Titan
Sci Clone - El Son
Somatik - Yad / Zor
Source Direct - 2097
The Invisible Man - Twisted

qµ:rec Wrote:J-Live - Them that's not

this has to be one of the dopest hiphop-tracks! Homerdrool

One of my all time favorites.

Right now I'm working on some schoolwork (the last I will ever have to do for university, as I am done after this Grin) and listening the The Law - All Source Direct Mix Part 1. Think I've rinsed this mix over 100+ times.
DJ Krush - Milight
Seba - Planetary Funk Alert
Pan Sonic_Katodivaihe
Zakir Hussain And The Rhythm Experience
Charles Mingus_Mingus Dynasty
SHIFT Wrote:4 pounds.

am in stitches here....

What in the fuck is that. LOL

I'm listening to Dillinja - Jah Know Ya Big right now.
Jacob's Optical Stairway - Solar Feelings
Locus - These Eyes (forgotten gem Lovesmilie)
Nico & Trace - Damn Son [No U-Turn Records]
SpeaK's free album - Alienated

Sci Wax Show from May 17th

Intex Systems - Research & Development

Siyah & Yeshua Dapoed - The Cure For Stagnation (the visualz anthology)