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Full Version: Currently on your stereo
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A right ol' mixup tonight and tomorrow:

Specta Ciera - Underpass]

The Darren Harper finisher provides a nice counterpoint to the dark atmosphere-ridden pieces.

Amy Winehouse - Lioness: Hidden Treasures

I think the novelty might wear off on me after long listening, but we'll see.

Tape Loop Orchestra - Maybe I Told A Small Lie

Getting me thru the OU History section study when I wake.
Consequence - Test Dream
All 4 Bengalfuel 3"cdr's on hibernate being given away for free

Sunlight Lineage - Altrusitic Zenith

"Over two hours of minimal drones: seven tracks varying in length from 6 to over 35 minutes. Drones só quiet and minimal that you may even forget there's something playing in the background. 'Intended to be listened to in meditation/rest'..."
Panabrite - Wind Rider
Leonardo Rosado - Soaking Wet
Strom Noir - Music for the Succulents
four tet "my angel rocks back and forth"
Bing Satellites - Angel Of The North
Scissors and Sellotape - For The Tired And Ill At Ease
currently on my youtube/facebook - is that the same as a stereo?

David Darling - Prayer For Compassion
Absys Records - Mystical Deep Vol.2

The Dakosa tune reminds me of Rob F's excellent "Exile" on Renegade Hardware, mixing the breaks with bleeps really well. I interviewed them for Kmag 18 months ago.
Cesar Camargo & Pedro Mariano - Piano & Voz

Jah Warrior, next up some Junior Kelly
Amon Tobin - Supermodified Xyxthumbs
Pascal Savy - Fragments
Quinn Walker - Dead Bird Sing
Naphta Wrote:currently on my youtube/facebook - is that the same as a stereo?

amazing tune! one of my fave techno producers getting remixed by 2 greats...

currently on serato...

I am minded to post this:

First Word Records - Two Syllables Volume 6

Which is a free download - but it's more than just listenable. The "Vanish" tune is really good, while "Disposable Rappers (Buscrates remix)" does a stimulating job.

Earlier today it was nayf's "Hold Them Close".
Alexandre Navarro - Arcane
The Weeknd - Thursday
Smiley Culture - Police Officer
Hummingbird - Facture Mix
Low Light - Launch Of Curiousity
Facture Session Mix
Brad Rose "Digitalis Preview 2012"
Naphta Wrote:currently on my youtube/facebook - is that the same as a stereo?

widzhit Wrote:

Wisp - Selected Ambient Works Reworked


Maps And Diagrams - Tintinnabulate
Adrian Aniol - Arrhythmia

Great party set this one, on this morning...

Buzz - Drum & Bass Mix 2012