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The Gliese Mantra - Everybody Falls And We All Land Somewhere

Any mixing is a little rough, but this is very enjoyable. ASC, bvdub, Demdike Stare...Ambient and Techno beauties. ASIP coming with the goods yet again.
FACT Mix 310: Moon Wiring Club
ASC - Auxcast Episode 2

I could listen to "Alien Observer" for an entire day straight and not get bored.

James National Gallery Mix 13.08.09

Very good Ambient / orchestral teacup.

Nova Scotian Arms / Motion Sickness Of Time Travel - The Fire Cult To Your Dream Child (2010)

Droney synthscapes and phaser bursts.
Wil Bolton - Silver
June Miller - Give Up The Ghost EP (Horizons 046)

Definitely impressed with this.
Danny Paul Grody - In Search of Light
Very nice downtempo stuff, more at
Demdike Stare - Elemental
S13 - ReAhlex
Vital Substance - Sawaru (
Paper Relics - Recovered Artefact (Audio Gourmet Netlabel)
The Caretaker - Patience (After Sebald) OST (HAFTW)
Coldstream - The Asleep (Audio Gourmet Netlabel)
Marc Atmost - Above (Stasis007) - June 2011 Samplers
Gimu - Beluga (Audio Gourmet Netlabel)
Simon Whetham - Cold Shoulder (AGN)
bvdub - Return to Tonglu

leprous - bilateral

i'm having a proggasm!!! spoeoooooeooeoeoeoeoeooeooooge!!
science force - microsong
Quantec - Thousands of Thoughts
Hutch Demoulipied - Otherness
bvdub - Daydreams of Exile
Sounds True - Insights At The Edge w/ Tami Simon & Laura Kamm: Intuitive Vision
Nova Scotian Arms - Cult Spectrum
Ian Handsley - Kix Mix On Oasis Radio (July 2011)
Christina Vantzou - No1
Perispirit - Spiritual Church Movement
Sean McCann - Sincere World
Porter Ricks - Biokinetics