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Full Version: Currently on your stereo
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Motion Sickness Of Time Travel - Dreamcatcher
Horace Andy - New Broom
Low Light - Starry Starry Night
Lana Del Ray - Born To Die LP

Conforce - Escapism LP
Thomas Köner– Nunatak
Eschaton - Consumed LP

Can't get enough of this.
A Tribe Called Quest - Midnight Marauders

Lovesmilie JEDIcrying
Andrew Armstrong - Bartok: Music For Violin & Piano

Some of this is plain jarring and I find it difficult to tune to without getting on edge. Other, calmer bits are great.
Motion Sickness Of Time Travel - Red Tide

20 minutes of shimmery melody and vocal trapezing in the midst. "Out Of The Indian Land" should be an interesting listen.
Ujjaya - The Master Of Crossroads

Watery percussion on the first tune reminds me of Boards Of Canada's "Music Is Math".
Greenleaf - Cold Soul EP (Lightless)

Sounding good, and I liked "Unrequited Love" from the free downloads in 2011.
Muttley - Responsibilities (February 2012)

Now to write the blurb before I upload it. Heaven and hope entry/exit.
Svarte Greiner - Twin (SoundCloud download)

Very moody bass quake with melody ash clouds on top. Will have to sample the middle half.

Synkro played HQ in Oxford last month, but I wasn't informed; from that tune it sounds like I missed something nice.

SKC & Chris Su - Desert Siege

Going back on some 2004-2005 records. This didn't get enough exposure at the time. There was a DJ on DOA then called Uisce who mixed this with Blame's "Medusa" and that was killer. He also double dropped Klute's "Saviour" with Psidream's "Heartfelt" in the same set. A real DJs DJ. Tunes like these defied genreification - they were tribal, had Techno elements, classical music elements, ethnic elements; just check SKC's best tune in this vein:

Last Harbour - Your Heart, It Carries The Sound LP (Little Red Rabbit)