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Ed Rush & Nico - Proton

all about minute 2:18 and forward... BROCK OUT!
Brian Eno - Music For Movies & Brian Eno - More Music For Movies

Such a good collection of tracks.. Smile
Pan sonic/Haino Keiji - Shall i download a blackhole and offer it to you

nice mellow stuff Smile
tool - ænima

been a couple of years since i last played. love it!
Copeland - The Grey Man

first i thought... "what is this shit?"

now i'm in love with this song.

but after that i need...
Coalesce - Immigrant Song (cover)

[Image: slayer.gif]
"above words"
blu mar ten

cordani Wrote:"above words"
blu mar ten


Beautiful tune!!!

On a side note, this smiley made me laugh:

[Image: raaaaave.gif]
Fudgetunnel - Creep diets
Autechre - LP5 Dance
Basic Channel - BCD
Suburban Knight - Nocturbulous Behavior mix

Art Blakey and jazz messengers - witch doctor (this swings and has got some funky soul to it, check that drum solo!
mrs jynx - the standoffish cat (200Cool
Various - Extreme Music From Women:

1 Rosemary Malign - No You Listen
2 Lisa & Naomi Tocatly - Stiletto Nights
3 Dolores Dewberry - Paragraph 64
4 Candi Nook - Schizephrenesis II
5 Annabel Lee - Lycanthropy
6 Mira Calix - Too Slim For Suicide
7 Clara Clamp - September
8 Debra Petrovitch - Dislocated
9 Karen Thomas - Puritan
10 Betty Cannery - Closeted
11 Gaya Donadio - Indiscretion
12 Maria Moran - Tattoo
13 Frl. Tost - I Hate You, Laura
14 Wendy Van Dusen - Dog
15 Cat Hope - Mindimi Trek
16 Diane Nelson - Mounted Insect
17 Diane Nelson - Dissected Insect

Robert Hood - Minimal Nation
Surgeon's 3-hour Fabric mix
The Below the Radar thing from The Wire - plenty of scratchy weirdness
Bert - The Debut EP (Valve)
Jedi Knights - New School Science
Elbow - Seldom Seen Kid
Loxy - CX1 Podcast
Various Genesis albums
last few hours

danny breaks - windscreen wiper
goldie - timeless
spirit acid mix
galaxy to galaxy - jupiter jazz
wink - oakish
basic channel - quadrant dub
carl craig - at les
kenny larkin - northern lights
kenny larkin - tedra
Wilshy Wrote:Various Genesis albums

carpet crawlers (live)

on heavy rotation Icon_sad
The Archivist-The Keeper of the Library
Quantic-The 5th Exotic
Con Cetta-Micro
Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto-utp_
Basic Channel-BCD-2
billy paul's 'war of the gods' Wink...ok, im lying...its a dieselboy mix. dont tell.
bcd-2 is a tough one to get into...rhythm & sound ftw.
Theeboon Wrote:[Image: fingers.jpg]

NOYCE! cti is the shiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...airto is tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiits..
Dälek - From Filthy Tongue of Gods and Griots

MLO - Sleeper V 3.3
Dubtronix - Screwface 2 (GE Real mix)
Andy Skopes - Get The Idea
Chillout Phase Two
yesterday's Sci Wax show