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Clams Casino - Instrumental Mixtape 2

love that tune statto~!!! Grin

so lush.. Reminds me a lil bit of photek.
new Uner track on Visionquest...

The progression in this does it every time.

PFM - One and only Falcon
Euphony Wrote:PFM - One and only Falcon
Listened to this 3 times last weekFalconFalconFalcon
Falcon Falcon Falcon Falcon
Jazz & Bass Mix Vol 2 - All Peshay Remixes - Mixed by Blick
Great album. It is so good that it even makes me forget how short it is Smile
"you're listening to fabio and grooverider on bbc radio 1"

Fanu - World Behind A World Hypno

Have been listening to this whole day:
ages since I listened to that Smile
I think I've never listened to this before. Glad I found it Smile
A collection of treasures from our first day buying music digitally in over 4 months (primarily offline)

John Otway - Bunsen Burner LP


Before that: much deeper contemporary Ambient on the Data Obscura label by The Circular Ruins - The Birth Of Tragedy

And these from Rhythm & Sound 8 release package:

1 CHOSEN BROTHERS / RHYTHM & SOUND, Mango Walk / Mango Drive, MP3 Release
1 RHYTHM & SOUND, Compilation, MP3 Release
1 RHYTHM & SOUND, Trace, MP3 Release
1 RHYTHM & SOUND, Roll Off, MP3 Release
1 RHYTHM & SOUND, Smile, MP3 Release
1 RHYTHM & SOUND, Music A Fe Rule, MP3 Release
1 RHYTHM & SOUND, Carrier, MP3 Release £1.95
1 RHYTHM & SOUND, Aground / Aerial, MP3 Release

Dirty Three - Whatever You Love, You Are

Jens Lekman - I Know What Love Isn't

Bvdub - Serenity
This tune doe.

Martsman - Black Plastics Vol 1&2.

Bristol's Wurstkinder still sounding on the money. Smile