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Full Version: Currently on your stereo
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Bee Mask - When We Were Eating Unripe Pears (Spectrum Spools)
Gympie - Dreamtime
widzhit Wrote:Gympie - Dreamtime

What's that like? I've heard the name before.

Karl Verkade - Water: Music For Meditation

He's also re-released his Xmas EP from last year which I'll be picking up since some of my data was wiped.

The Wire Tapper 30 - Various Artists

Mono - For My Parents (Temporary Residence)

Available on From the makers of "You Are There".

Pinback - Information Retrieved (Temporary Residence)

Also available on Newest TR album out.

Bet none of you were expecting this one from me, were you? Hahaha
That chorus though! :O

That Wagon Cookin' tune is just great Tim Reaper, and The Orb one is good too Annastay. Smile

I'm on an Ambient binge this weekend so I've got all the mixes on's front page to catch up on.

Curiousity EDL:

Daylight Fades:

Illusions Of Autumn:

S t r e t c h e d B e y o n d R e c o g n i t i o n

Sunday Morning Music Vol.4 - To Speak Of Solitude:

Asleep At The Piano:

Headphone Commute Mix ... and darkness came:

Lee Gamble - Diversions 1994-1996 (PAN)
Nice one Muttley, always need ambient mixes.

on some of this tip atm

Quote: Mark Kloud - Doc Scott - Unofficial Ghost (Footwork edit)
Mark Kloud - Doc Scott - Far Away (Footwork edit)
Mark Kloud - Red Army - Lightning & Thunder (Footwork edit)
Mark Kloud - Danny Breaks - Step Off (Footwork edit) ... download available here:

all works in progress ... feedback appreciated

excellent stuff

love the long drawn out business by Minilogue

Tape Loop Orchestra - Off Key Session (Live)
R.A.W. - Turntable Psycho 92

Makes my day every time.
Does this count? Big up to Pat The Butcher for posting this on FB

good crowd that appears to have proper knowledge. must be old like some of us... Smile
That was brilliant Applause Grin
Eveson - The Last Summer Of Love
Postie finally delivered this album yesterday. Always been a fan on Eveson output (both music and artwork), this album seems to be the next step and definitely doesn't disappoint.
One of my personal favs so far:
Some good vibes there Xyxthumbs
Stray - Blu Mar Ten Music Guest Mix
Grimes - Halfaxa

...Later tonight a Taylor Deupree session. "Faint" was an Xmas present and came with brilliant photographs which I'll put on my flat wall.
Oneohtrix Point Never - Russian Mind
Kane Ikin - Sublunar (12K)
cube Wrote:[video=vimeo;48150396][/video]

I feel stupid for not going to that gig Icon_sad