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i've always really liked this version of Universal Horn.

Freezone3 compilation. i still have this cd comp too. there's like dope Claude Young & Carl Craig tunes on it and stuff.

^^ like THIS Claude Young tune.

brilliant. still.

Foul Play Productions - Golden Gate

First time listening to this, and I adore it.
NVious Wrote:Foul Play Productions - Golden Gate

First time listening to this, and I adore it.

Brambles - Charcoal (Serein)
Forgot how good this was

[Image: 517ii2KYKbL._SL500_AA280_.jpg]
Rashad Becker - Traditional Music Of Notional Species Vol.1 (PAN)

Very weird, but very good. Sounds like my brain discombobulating all its internal frequencies and frictions into one gloopy oriental stew. Willynilly
you might like this:

On to this

[Image: found1.jpg]
Statto Wrote:you might like this:


I don't just like it, I love it!

This too, a recommendation from Ben UFO on Twitter:

Hessle Audio show on Rinse FM
Milieu - Colortone (Milieu Music)

Cracking album of beats and ambient sounds.
Rod Modell - Vibrasound (The Deepchord Years 1999-2004) Silentes
On a bit of a prog house, trance rush lately.

[Image: R-150-1963933-1255367670.jpeg]
Jannick Schou - Fasjil (Self Released)
couldn't find the 'best tune you've heard all day' thread.

Mountains - Centralia (Thrill Jockey)



1.Surkin - Tiger Rhythm
2.Rihanna Ft Future - Love Song (Dj Sliink Remix)
3.Brenmar Ft Salva - Let Me Bang Remix
4.BOB Ft Nicki Minaj - Outta My Mind (Dj Jayhood Remix)
5.Ruen Ft Mister Gray - Shake Dat Ass (Remix)
6.Trinindad James - Females Welcome (Enferno Remix)
7.Ciara - Body Party (Dj Sliink X Nadus Remix)
8.Dj Sliink - Putcha back In it
9.French Montana Ft Diddy X MGK (Dj Sliink Remix)
10.Buraka Som Sistema - Hangover
11.Big Chocolate - Blue Milk (Dj Sliink Remix)
12.Miguel - Do You (Cashmere Cat Remix)
13.Jermih Ft Natasha Mosley - Fuck You All The Time (Dj Big O remix)
14.Ciara - Got Me Good (Dj Big O Remix)
15.Bert On Beats - jackhammer
16.Carnage Ft Katie Got Bandz - Katie
17.Future Ft Lil Wayne - Karate Chop
18.Fki Ft Sliink - Flight
19.Juicy J - Bands A Make Her Dance (Dj Big O Remix)
20.Beyonce End Of Time (Dj Big O X Sliink Remix)
21.Future - Karate Chop (Dj Big O Remix)
22.Yung Scooter - Columbia
23.GTA Ft. Diplo - Boy oh boy
Way Out West - Intensify

[Image: img_1_pr.jpg]
Parks & Wilson - Painting On Silence

[Image: R-150-145787-1244254043.jpeg]
this comes highly recommended

[Image: 673-front-420.jpg]