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Virile Games - Wounded Laurel (Hospital Productions)

Nice chill vibes

[Image: 2350236.jpg]
Moderat - II (Monkeytown Records)
Alex Gopher from 2000
new Superchunk "I Hate Music" lp is.. out NOW

Low F is my fave tune on the record k?

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Donato Dozzy plays Bee Mask (Spectrum Spools)
yeah posted the Title Fight live set above of course. ^^ props to Hate5six for the vid.

summer 2013 seems to be almost over. its been.. quick. mostly uneventful save for a natural disaster in my city late June that i scathed by, thankfully. there was a flood, a big flood in the city. much of the city was out of order for quite awhile too. smaller towns outside of the city along the river didn't fair too well either. there's still an entire 2 blocks down the street with businesses & buildings that had to be stripped bare of interior walls in the aftermath, its very odd to see that happen.. entire city blocks of apartment buildings & houses unlivable just minutes from me. nobody lives there anymore. at nite, it still feels like a ghost town in my neighbourhood in certain areas.

i was.. only an ALLEY AWAY across the street from being flooded out & thus was almost rendered homeless. it was a stressful week and a bit. i ate pizza & stayed in a hotel for a couple nites while all the chaos from the flooding was still happening. then spent a week @ a friends's place, cuz the city was all fucked up, no power, streets & roads were closed, etc.


crazy times. otherwise, worked like a .. wage slave like i always do. that has been summer.

i'm listening to Title Fight. like NOW.

cuz i'm like that. :biggrin:

Total Science - See Your Face EP (Shogun Audio 072)

"Hush Ya Mouth" is a straight up Jungle tearout. Available on Juno as Mp3s.
Detuned Transmissions badness:

Sandwell District - Feed Forward

old subvert crew say aye Wave
Statto Wrote:old subvert crew say aye Wave
I won't promise to be a regular again. But maybe lurking around a little bit. Lurk
Decoder - Dissection (Hardleaders)
DIB Wrote:Decoder - Dissection (Hardleaders)

Bat For Lashes - Fur And Gold

Twice tonight - once with parents, once alone in low light.
Consequence - Test Dream
QOTSA live from Kölner Kulturkirche.
Steve Hauschildt - S/H (Editions Mego)
In a bit it will be this entitled Songs For Sleep

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Amit - Never Ending (Commercial Suicide)