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Full Version: Dear promoters,
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If your promotional material — for releases, mixes, tunes, radio shows, whatever — gets moved straight out to the sub-forums, it's not because we don't like your stuff necessarily; it may be the greatest whatever ever made. But in order to keep the amount of spam down to manageable proportions we generally only allow regular forum crew to promote on the main board.

So please join in on the forums before trying to sell us stuff.

Xyxthumbs Kisskiss Wave
thoughts anyone?

good valid point
more politely put than I did on idnb.

i just threatened to wield the almighty ban hammer Hahaha
Statto Wrote:it may be the greatest whatever ever made

very fair Smile
Fair indeed Grin
Sounds good to me, and I'm a newcomer!
I think that sounds more than fair Smile

If it is the concensus of everyone on here (especially the moderators), are you going to make this thread a sticky? Grin
Xyxthumbs never enjoy cold calling
I am mostly lurking these days.

Xyxthumbs good and fair.
sounds fair
some good advice here!
firm but fair
moist, firm and throbbing.
furry muff
Yeah its cool.
It took years to get all these posts, then you get these immigrant posters who think they can get into this forum and post threads and stay here permanently while hardworking regulars get a bum deal.

Vote Statto!
Thats how we roll baby Blue
good enough with me Smile
I think its fair that all those other label promo threads are moved, obviously i consider my 1 post every 6 months makes me a regular Grin hehe
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