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Full Version: Friday crew
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[Image: gorillathoughts.jpg]
Fair play its been a slow day at work and I needed that. LMAO

[Image: gollum_coppa.jpg]
Been working on a tune 4h 45min straight, no pauses except for quick visits to toilet. Now finally off my arse and walk to the centre to have a meal... and maybe even a Pint

Then when I get home, time to Lighter one.

Happy friday to everyone!

[Image: fighterglob_23.gif]
[Image: helicopterhaircut.jpg]
[Image: haircut2.jpg_thumb.jpg]
checking in

[Image: 10yhqj4.jpg]
[Image: 2v2jcs9.jpg]
[Image: 14jw552.jpg]
[Image: 8ygunt.jpg]
[Image: wqpmcx.jpg]
[Image: 2ut0t8x.jpg]

Paradigm X Wrote:[Image: haircut2.jpg_thumb.jpg]

panda Wrote:[Image: 8ygunt.jpg]
[Image: wqpmcx.jpg]
[Image: 2ut0t8x.jpg]

Why do human beings do things like this? Hahaha
^^^ The last picture got me Lol
lol Lol
[Image: 253.jpg]
socialengineer Wrote:[Image: 253.jpg]

^ Rofl
[Image: 5620_120021236078_600616078_2841719_2195789_n.jpg]
[Image: curvescereal.jpg]

Paradigm X Wrote:[Image: helicopterhaircut.jpg]

that is a rolfcopter Hahaha