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Full Version: [SALE] SC volumes £10 each post free worldwide
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okay, it's stock clearance time...

all volumes are now £10 each post free worldwide

...that is until I change my mind Icon_razz

sc vol.1 ep

alpha omega - swingers / militant thoughts
blue - suck / nextploitations / my mind is going
pieter k - crossroads / maze

sc vol.2 ep

fracture & neptune - visions of amen / clouds over memphis / visions
sileni - another track / random bullshit / daytime jackhammering
uzhas - soulkast / dissident - taiga

sc vol.3 lp

dj trax - this one / the tribe / throwback (feat. cryme)
atomhead - cyclotron / betatron / psytron
macc - mean streets / mr mitcheson's rhythm method
nubian mindz - pure / seven / sound mission
formication - catastrophe in blue
fanu - children / this behavior is not unique

low-bit-rate audio online at bandcamp

payment by paypal, but other options are possible too

if you have any queries just send me a pm

Lisa Wave Wave Rainbow
might as well have a thread in here as well