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Full Version: didn't know Statto's a DJ
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He's missing his vicks mask
Statmau5 Grin
sick airdrumming tough
I wanted to die watching that Oops
Macc Wrote:I wanted to die watching that Oops

oh sweet jealouse Icon_razz

[Image: silentrage.gif]
fucking hell
silent.wolf Wrote:[Image: silentrage.gif]

Does anyone have contact details for DJ der guten Laune? He is getting booked!

Draaaaaaw for de big guuunnsssss!!
silent.wolf Wrote:

shocking material! Icon_eek

Somehow missed this Icon_eek
Reminds me of a somewhat over excited DJ Derek

Keep watching when the drums kick in....
Macc Wrote:
silent.wolf Wrote:[Image: silentrage.gif]


what the hell? Hahaha
Why's that in the Crapper? Absolutely serious thread methinks